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Limited warranty and extended warranty (protection worth investing)

Congratulations on your new award-winning REELIFE fitness equipment! Warranty and extension!质保和延期

We escort your investment with a limited standard warranty, or you can choose to purchase an additional extended warranty.

Limited warranty
●  Best Service - Our customer satisfaction rate is over 90% compared to our competitors.
●  REELIFE certified technicians – they are experts in repairing REELIFE equipment in your area.
●  Express service — Keep your equipment running efficiently and reduce downtime. Recent surveys have shown this has a direct impact on member retention.*
High quality parts - REELIFE technicians only use REELIFE genuine parts.

*Based on an independent survey conducted by Leisure-net in 2015.The study found that in fitness facilities with longer fitness equipment running time, Membership retention rates are on average three months longer.

In addition, REELIFE extended the commercial limited warranty program to provide:

Extended commercial limited warranty plan
● Extend the scope of warranty at a fixed cost to control unpredictable and potentially high costs.
● Extend the life of your equipment with proper maintenance and care.
● Suitable for commercial aerobic fitness equipment at the time of initial sales.

Limited standard warranty overview

Limited standard warranty overview

Warranty period: spare parts (not included in the table below) Warranty 2 years + Labor (and travel) free of charge for one year

Aerobic equipmentWarranty time
Equipment frame7 years
Treadmill motor  5 years
Mechanical and electronic components (including pvs, sensors)2 years
High-frequency wearing parts of the machine head: earphone board, USB socket, Apple device interface90 days
TV box, multimedia receiver 90 days
Battery, receiver, TV, control head 1 year
Other wearing parts (see list below) 0-365 days

Consumables include the following accessories:

Aerobic equipment Strength equipment
Accessories CategoryWarranty PeriodAccessories Category Warranty Period
Headphone jack90 days Soft pad6 months
USB socket90 dayshandle class (including adjustment bolt)6 months
Stickerwithout warranty ankle cuff 6 months
Battery 1 yearPulley assembly (including steel rope)6 months
PVS TV set1 year Paint coating (does not contain human damage) 1 year
Media adapte90 days

Security button set180 days

Strength equipmentWarranty time
Equipment frame (deformation, fracture - except for man-made damage) 10 years
Structural moving parts: weight plate, weight assembly, bearing, bushing, seat adjustment frameyears
Soft bag, grip (outer wrap) and tension band (seat belt) 180 days
Other wearing parts (see list below)0-365 days

*Does not include strength training equipment decorative pieces.Projects that receive more coverage through extended warranty depend on the terms of the extended warranty purchased.

Be sure to check the Limited Warranty Statement provided with the product manual for the specific warranty terms and conditions that apply to you.Please contact your REELIFE local office for details on the extended warranty for your area.

  • REELIFE is a professional fitness equipment brand in the United States. We provide professional aerobics and strength fitness equipment, such as first-class suspension and damping treadmill, suspended elliptical machine, self generating fitness car and so on.
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