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Please read the terms of use of this website carefully.

All use of the REELIFE company (hereinafter referred to as 'REELIFE') website is subject to the following terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the 'Terms of Use').Your use of the Site constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use as amended from time to time and the 'reelife Privacy Policy' here incorporated into these Terms of Use.If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, please do not use this website.Reelife may periodically change the terms and conditions, and the revised terms will be posted on this website, so please review them from time to time, as continuing to use this website means that you accept all the terms of the changes.

REELIFE makes every reasonable effort to provide accurate and timely information about our company and products on this website, but you should not assume that the information provided is always up-to-date and that this website should not be considered to contain all relevant information.

Trademarks and copyrights.

All materials on this site are protected copyrights, business images, trademarks and/or intellectual property owned by reelife or its licensors, subject to US and international copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other proprietary laws, unless otherwise stated. protection of.The term 'reelife' is a trademark and the reelife logo and all related product service names, designs and slogans are trademarks of reelife.These marks may not be used without the prior written permission of reelife.All other names, brands and logos are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

A description of the materials provided on this website.

If the materials on this website are used for informational, non-commercial or personal use only and are not reproduced or posted on any network computer or broadcast on any media, then authorize the use of these materials (such as brochures, press releases, User manual).You agree that you will not transmit, publish, transmit, modify, display, recreate or exploit the content of this website in any way.You may not copy, sell or exploit (a) any part of the Site for any commercial purpose, (b) access to the Site, or (c) use or use of the Site, except as expressly authorized by REELIFE Any services or materials provided by the website.If you make any and all unauthorized use of any material on this site, you agree to protect, defend and maintain REELIFE from damage.You acknowledge that unauthorized use of the Content may cause irreparable damage to REELIFE, and in the event of unauthorized use, REELIFE shall have the right to ban use and have the right to enforce any other remedies permitted by law or equity.

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Some links on this site will connect you to sites that are not under our control.REELIFE provides these links for convenience only.The display link does not represent REELIFE's endorsement guarantee and does not constitute reelife's responsibility for the content of any linked website product or the services of any third party website, nor does it constitute a description of its quality, content or accuracy.Access to these content is at your own risk.

Dealings with third-party merchants.

If you choose to contact any of the businesses found on or through this website, participate in their promotions or conduct transactions, you acknowledge and agree that REELIFE is not involved in, and is not responsible for, your interaction with the merchant, including The merchant’s processing of your information and the terms and conditions that apply to any transaction between you and the merchant.Your terms of interaction with any merchant apply only to you and the merchant.You agree that reelife shall not be liable for any type of loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of any such interaction, or by the display of such merchants on or through the Site.

Obligations of REELIFE and its licensors

REELIFE does not assume any responsibility for the materials, information and opinions displayed on or through the website (hereinafter referred to as “the content of the website”. The content of the website is at your own risk. For the harm or damage caused by the use of any website content, Reelife does not undertake any obligations.

Privacy and personal information protection

Our 'Privacy Policy' describes the use of your personal information by reelife and your responsibility to protect your privacy, which is incorporated by reference into these Terms of Use.


This website and the content of the website are provided 'as is' and 'as provided', without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, transaction, use or trade practice. Guarantee.REELIFE makes no warranties or representations regarding the quality, accuracy or availability of the REELIFE website.In particular, REELIFE does not warrant or represent that the REELIFE website, the content of the website or the services provided on or through this website will be accurate, reliable, error-free or uninterrupted; defects will be corrected; REELIFE website or its back-end server does not Virus or other harmful content; the REELIFE website will meet your needs or expectations in other forms.Obligation disclaimer.All responsibilities and risks of using this website and the Internet are usually borne by the user.In any event, including negligence, any direct result of the use or failure to use the Website, the content of the Website, any services provided through the Website, and/or any services provided by any other Website linked to the Website REELIFE or the creation or maintenance of this website shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss of profits.Any damage caused by the following factors, whether REELIFE is notified or not, may not be borne by REELIFE or the creation or maintenance of this website, including but not limited to: trust by members or visitors; Any information obtained by the Site; errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions; files, viruses, errors, defects; any performance failure, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access.

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All submissions you send will become the property of reelife and will be used exclusively by reelife.All submissions are non-confidential for all purposes.Reelife reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any submissions for any reason.By submitting the materials, you expressly license reelife to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, translate, re-create, publish and display such content through non-exclusive, royalty-free, indefinite, globally applicable media.You must agree to the terms of the license and distribution below and the terms of use of the reelife website before submitting the materials.

Licensing and distribution


Valuable consideration in good faith confirmed as it is here, I hereby authorize REELIFE (hereafter referred to as 'REELIFE'), its legal representative and assignee, REELIFE's client, and REELIFE's authorized and licensed agent, hereby.   For commercial or non-commercial purposes, in any media form on the REELIFE website or globally, royalty-free, indefinite, irrevocable, globally applicable, in whole or in part, copied, modified, adapted, distributed, translated, Sub-creation, copyright, publication and display of any and all written content that I submit to REELIFE and related materials including my name and photo (hereinafter referred to as 'submission content') may be changed, replaced, and personally without restriction. Names or virtual names are combined to use these content.


I further confirm that the consideration received is paid in one lump sum, regardless of whether my submission will be subsequently released in any media format.I am not entitled to claim more compensation, nor are I entitled to claim, including, but not limited to, claims based on privacy infringement, libel or image rights, as a result of the use, alteration or synthesis of my name or photo in the final material produced in accordance with this clause. 


I hereby grant, disclaimer and agree to guarantee reelife, its legal representative and assignee, any and all of its agents and reelife's clients, free from any publications that may appear in any publication of any media. Replace or synthesize any obligation resulting from the use of the act, whether or not it is intentional, regardless of the effect or perceived impact of such act on oneself.


I hereby confirm that I am 21 years of age or older.It is also acknowledged that I have the right to sign this Agreement without interfering with any conflicting commitments or obligations authorized herein.I do not authorize and will not authorize or license my name or photo in any advertisement or promotion for any product or service that competes or is incompatible with REELIFE.


REELIFE does not indicate that the materials on this website are suitable or available for use elsewhere.If you access this website from another location, you are responsible for complying with local laws.


If you notice any content that may infringe the copyrights of third parties, or if you believe that they will violate these Terms of Use, please contact us at

Something else

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington, USA, in all respects, without regard to conflicts of law principles.These Terms of Use may be amended from time to time, and they fully and uniquely state the agreement between you and reelife regarding the reelife website, and any other terms that are orally or in any other way should not have any effect or effect.The privacy policy may also be modified from time to time.Any cause of action you may have on the reelife website must occur within one (1) year of the filing or ban of these claims or claims.The sole jurisdiction for these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or the use of the reelife website is the state or federal court located in King County, Washington, USA.You agree to appeal to the jurisdictions of these courts.

If any part of these Terms of Use cannot be implemented, the interpretation of the unenforceable part will reflect the original intent of the parties as closely as possible.Other provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect.

If REELIFE fails to assert or strictly enforce any of these Terms of Use, it shall not constitute an exemption from the corresponding provisions.The transaction or course of conduct between you and reelife and any trade practices should not be modified to fix these Terms of Use.

E-commerce terms of use

If you visit or purchase items at the RELIEFE online store, you should accept the ''Terms of Use'' and ''Privacy Policy'' on the REELIFE website, the conditions listed here, any applicable supplements to, and applicable to the Internet. And/or any other laws and regulations governing the purchase of the World Wide Web.Please read the 'Terms of Use' and 'Privacy Policy' carefully.If you do not agree to any of these conditions, please quit this online store and do not fill out the order.

Electronic communication

When you visit or send us an email, you are communicating electronically with us.You agree to receive our electronic communication content.We will communicate with you by email or by posting a notice on this website.You agree that all agreements, notices, public notices and other communications that we provide to you in electronic form are in compliance with any legal requirements for equivalent written communication.

Your account

If you use this website, you are responsible for keeping your account and password confidential and you are responsible for accessing only your computer and agreeing to be responsible for all activities carried out with your account or password.REELIFE sells products to adults rather than children, and adults can purchase them using a credit card or other permitted payment method.If you are under the age of 18, you can only use with your parent or guardian.REELIFE reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, delete content, edit content or cancel orders.


These Terms of Use are subject to change without notice.

  • REELIFE is a professional fitness equipment brand in the United States. We provide professional aerobics and strength fitness equipment, such as first-class suspension and damping treadmill, suspended elliptical machine, self generating fitness car and so on.
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