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Service Centre(business) 客户服务

Service Agreement (predictability and performance for your fitness device experience)

We are proud to offer a renewable service agreement package that provides uninterrupted parts and/or manual warranty for your REELIFE equipment.

Recent surveys show that device uptime is directly related to membership retention, so we understand that it is critical for you and the exerciser to maintain equipment and keep the equipment running smoothly.*

If repairs are required, our service agreement program will quickly arrange a REELIFE-certified team of local technicians with skilled maintenance skills and friendly service to support you and get your equipment up and running quickly.Our service package also includes a complimentary maintenance check to help ensure your equipment is always running at its best.

By signing the REELIFE “Worship-Free Package” service agreement, you will gain the advantage of maintaining equipment at a fixed cost, which means you don't have to pay extra high maintenance costs.

*Based on an independent survey conducted by Leisure-net in 2015.The study found that in fitness facilities with longer fitness equipment running time, membership maintenance rates increased by average three months.

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Service agreement package

Our 'Worry-Free Package' and 'Excellent Relief Package' service package offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs: Service Agreement:服务协议

 Includes parts and / or manual warranty

● Shorter response time

●  Basic maintenance training

● Preventive inspection

  • REELIFE is a professional fitness equipment brand in the United States. We provide professional aerobics and strength fitness equipment, such as first-class suspension and damping treadmill, suspended elliptical machine, self generating fitness car and so on.
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