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一成不变 怎敢说创新
How to say innovation is immutable and frozen
  • The REELIFE Fitness RT series RTADB adjustable Roman Bench (Back Stretch Training bench) provides a fixed tilt Angle of 45º back stretch (goat lift) exercise function, and the hip support pad provides 8 position adjustments to suit almost any body type exerciser.

  • The REELIFE Fitness RT series RTABE Adjustable Roman Bench (Adjustable multi-angle Back extension training bench) offers 6 Angle adjustments to provide exercisers with comfortable, natural back stretches (goat lift), GHD hip and leg stretches, abs stretches and other strength exercises. The hip support pad offers 8 position adjustments that are suitable for almost any body type exerciser.

  • The REELIFE Fitness RT series RTSB stretchers help exercisers stretch their bodies in the right posture. The compact design leverages body weight to stretch all major muscle groups. The scientific shaft point design and wrist strap provide greater stretch range and range to suit exercisers of all sizes and flexibility levels.

  • REELIFE Fitness RT series RTLR parallel bars/knee lift training frame back cushion and forearm support pad tilt back 10º, so that lower abdominal contraction stroke is larger, more effective, more comfortable and natural exercise posture.

  • The REELIFE Fitness RT series RTCDLR single/parallel bar/knee lift training frame combines the horizontal bar (pull-up), parallel bar (bending arms) and bending arms and knees in one, which is a very practical strength fitness equipment. The back cushion and forearm support pad are tilted back 10º to make the lower abdomen contraction stroke larger, the effect is more in place, and the exercise posture is more comfortable and natural.

The RT series RTGADB downslope multi-function adjustable training bench provides 6 downslope Angle adjustment positions, which can be easily adjusted with one hand with the assistance of the power assist device. The seat cushion adopts molding foaming process to form the surface profile, stable support and comfortable.

  • REELIFE is a professional fitness equipment brand in the United States. We provide professional aerobics and strength fitness equipment, such as first-class suspension and damping treadmill, suspended elliptical machine, self generating fitness car and so on.
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